Good afternoon,

Just wanted to give a few updates as we have finally been able to start getting back to “normal” as the renovation dust settles. I hope you have been out to enjoy the full 18 holes and that this may start to answer some of the questions you have.

The season has not started off with the easiest weather conditions but we are working through the ups and downs. A slow start to the growing season coupled with a wet stretch at the end of last year had us a few weeks behind on “grow in” and you can still see some of the remnants today. Sod was slow to root and slow to knit but most remained healthy. 16,17,18 were the last holes to complete and unfortunately the green sod was the furthest behind this spring. It has continued to improve but will be one of the main concerns as we continue through this season.

Recent rains have had the course sitting a little soggy but we are keeping irrigation to an absolute minimum. We hope to begin drying the course out and keeping it more firm. In this process we will show stress, areas of fairways and rough will certainly begin to show drought stress throughout the season. We are constantly monitoring soil moisture levels and trying to maintain at minimum requirements to improve playability.

The rain and warm temps have been ideal for fungal growth across the course and we have stayed relatively clean so far this year. We have had some minor breakthrough during our most humid nights but caught the problems quickly and were able to spot treat to keep our turf healthy.

The “fescue” areas aren’t too friendly currently but will continue to improve as we transition away from the nurse grass and into a more uniform stand of fine fescue. The tall stuff you currently see around the course is actually ryegrass that will die out over the course of the year and allow the fine fescue to take over. We have started mowing these areas down in order to apply herbicides to assist in weed control and stand uniformity. The overall timeframe for fescue areas to be complete is 2 years. Why so long? Because it takes fine fescue that long to reach a point of maturity that allows it to produce the seedhead and look we desire. In the meantime, it will present well but will take time to get where we want it… please be patient.

Green speeds have been a little wacky this year. This is because the back nine is still being conditioned back to where the front nine was maintained last year. During the course of the renovation our efforts were placed on growing grass and keeping it healthy. When we condition the turf to playable standards we are counteracting all of our efforts to grow healthy turf. As we continue to heal on the back nine the greenspeeds will follow shortly behind. Last week marked the first time since renovation started that the front nine and back nine greens were mowed at the same height. Over the past 5 days we have completed additional mowings to the back nine and started working on the texture to help catch up to the front. Again, this will take time but we are heading in the right direction with only 6″-8″ difference in speed from front to back.

Please continue to take caution in traveling around the back nine. We have rope and stake in many areas to help heal sod, please avoid driving on these areas.

Thanks for following. I’ll be back soon with an update!

– J.R. Lynn, GCS

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