Happy Mother’s Day!

It has been a little while since I have given an update, I apologize. We have been busy with renovation wrap up and trying to get the course ready to open. Unfortunately the spring, or lack thereof, has held us back on growth and slowed progress. The winter was also challenging with 6 floods from Jan-Apr, cooler than average temps, and double the average precipitation. Every nice break in the weather was followed by another rainy cool down.

It seems as if weather has finally broke and we have jumped straight to summer, another obstacle when trying to recover from major disturbances across the course. We are recovering well with only a few areas behind, mainly on the finishing holes.

Though we were mainly focused on the back 9 last fall we also had the opportunity to begin improvements in our primary rough with a major rough renovation and over-seeding project. The rough throughout the course will be very thick this spring as we are continuing to encourage growth to help out compete some of our old weaker species of turf within.

And what the heck is going on with our “thin and whispy” fescue areas? There not so thin or whispy at the moment… this is because we have planted Annual Rye along with our Fine Fescue. The tall grass you are currently seeing is the Annual Rye, we are using this to help fill the area as fescue slowly establishes. If you look down below all of the tall lime green colored grass, you will see a very dark green thin bladed grass that’s about an inch tall currently, that’s the fine fescue. Fine fescue takes about 2 years to fully establish, and can be very unsightly throughout the process. The use of annual rye will help us minimize weed growth and also help to keep the fescue stand thin as it grows in. Soon we will mow the annual rye grass and mulch the clippings, but leave them sit in the area. This will likely kill some of the thick seeded fescue and keep the stand thin as it establishes. We have seeded at a very light rate, about 1/5th recommended seed rate for sod producers, and hope that in combination with early maintenance practices we can establish a thin enough stand of fescue to find a golf ball as well as provide clean aesthetics across the course.

Please be patient as the current stand of grass is far more challenging than the stand we hope to provide in the next two years.

Stay tuned as we will be officially announcing an opening date for the full 18 holes in the near future.

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