Fall Aerification 2018

As the dust settles from our fall aerification, I wanted to take a few minutes to recap the happenings of the week. Though we may not have completed as much as we wanted, we still had a very successful week and the end is in sight. Rain on Wednesday cut us short, and was something lingering in our minds throughout the entire process. We had to stop punching holes by noon on Wednesday to even stand a chance to finish cleanup.

Unfortunately, as rain got near it started a bit earlier than we had hoped. This left plugs remaining on 5,6,7,8, and 16 fairways and potential mud to clean up on 8 acres of fairway turf. The team came together to hand shovel all of 16 fairway while the rain poured down and called it a day shortly after. Luckily some dry air was around over the next 36 hours to give us the ability to finish cleaning fairways. Holes 9,10,11,12,13,and 14 remain to be completed but should finish out pretty quickly as weather allows. We will try to complete the process with as minimal impact on golf as possible.

16 of our 20 greens were completed on Tuesday with the final 4 being finished early Wednesday. After greens were punched and cleaned, a heavy application of sand was put down and then brushed into all holes. Our goal is to fill every hole entirely to aid in smoothing the greens back up as quick as possible. Leading up to aerification week, we made 2 special fertility applications to spark growth leading into the week and will follow up with another application this week. Greens have been rolled 5 times after aerification and a few more times before we mow. We hope to mow greens by the middle of this week.

Tees will be completed as an ongoing project throughout the fall. It will be easier to maintain and control our mess while having minimal impact on golf. Tees will get a traditional core aerification and we hope to add a dethatching process into the mix as well. This will help remove the “puffy” feeling below your feet on tees.

One last exciting thing to keep our week interesting was a mainline blowout at #1 forward tee. Overnight Tuesday, an 8″ mainline cracked and blew apart resulting in loss of the system until repairs were made. As we finished aerification on Wednesday, we began exploring only to find that the pipe had been resting on concrete for the past 25 years and finally had enough stress to fracture. While this is not entirely uncommon, the timing could not have been any worse. Our good friends at Leibold Irrigation were able to supply us with parts from a project they are working on in Medina and the repair was complete by the end of the week.

I have attached a few pictures of the processes and will continue to update you as the season finishes.

Special thanks to Ray, Ryan, Jim, and Charlie for lending a helping hand through fall aerification!

Aerifying Chipping Green Approach
Golf Staff helping with cleanup processes.
Shoveling plugs into workman at 3 Green
Will aerfying Chipping Green
Goal = Holes 100% Full
finished product. Its not so bad!
8″ mainline after cutting a piece out. The pipe sprung about 12″ in the air on the high side, the pipe was under some serious pressure against a concrete block.
Concrete discovered under pipe. With our jackhammer and some persistence, we were able to chip enough concrete out to plump pipe safely back together.
Crack in pipe due to pressure aginst concrete.
Joey making final repairs.
Ford Drag
Dragging fairways
Yes, we repaired it. Yes, we used it. Yes, it worked.


Core pulverizer 1.0
Core pulverizer 2.0 just add drag mat.
Starting 1 fairway, tractor working from center out and walk aerfiers working from outside to center.
Almost done!
#18 Fairway. Test run, monday night following outing.

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