8.31.17 – GERMINATION!!

Grass is finally growing on the new fairway expansions and shifts on the back nine. Below you will see some pictures of the process and our new seedlings as they have emerged over the last 48hrs. We should see a good green cover by the end of the weekend and hope that he weather continues to help make the process as easy as possible.

The seeding process was completed on Sunday. Our method was to first aerify the areas to encourage better gas exchange, less compaction, and to incorporate a little soil to the top to help create a seedbed. We then followed in with the Triwave 60 slit seeder in two directions to help with filling in quickly without over applying (wasting) seed. After the slit seeding process we followed in with a drag mat to help smooth out any low spots and stir in any excess seed. After we finished dragging each of the areas a separate crew would follow in to add soil to any major low spots or chunked up areas. The final step was to roll the entire surface to help smash any seed down and have better seed to soil contact. Now that he grass has started to grow, we will fertilize to ensure it has enough food to survive its first couple weeks of life.

My sincerest apologies for the disturbance in play and mess this process has left behind. Unfortunately Mother Nature knows no limits, weekends and weekdays are all the same. That being said, our job is entirely dependent on the weather and sometimes the best time to get the process complete falls during odd times. Last weekend was a great example of working with the great conditions to ensure success of the seeding process. We had to work around play at times to finish but were able to get it done. Sorry for the dust and noise but you will appreciate it when there’s great turf to play from next year.

Everything is on track and moving really well. We are excited with the progress and only a few short days away from the start of the dirt work. Please continue to be alert for any postings or closings as the projects gets underway.

As the excitement builds, I ask that you please refrain from touring the back nine. It will be nearly impossible to mark every single area that gets touched during the project but cart traffic during the wrong times can set us back drastically. Please work with us to ensure the best outcome possible. We will continue to update with pictures, emails, blogs, etc. I will also be glad to arrange a time to meet and tour the work while being guided by a staff member who knows where to steer clear.

Thank you,

– J.R. Lynn, GCS

8.24.17 – Seeding and Tree Removal

As the project gets closer we get busier and busier preparing for phase 2 while keeping the course playing it’s best. While times get busier with the project we will be able to back off the back 9 maintenance and focus a more consolidated effort to the front nine for daily play. 

Today we started seeding our new fairway expansion areas on the back 9, as we complete an area we will be marking it and leaving ball retrievers to help with reaching the shots that made it in too far. Please do not drive or walk in these areas as it can damage the seedlings when they begin to grow. Below you will find some pictures of the process. It is extremely dusty so please excuse us while we complete the process

One other major item this week was the removal of four large trees. 3 trees were removed on the right side of 12 fairway and 1 tree on the left of 10 fairway. All of these trees were removed as part of the project and needed to happen prior to TDIs arrival. Today Russel Tree Experts were in finishing the stumpgrinding. One concern was removed with the removal of the large cottonwood on 12, the inside was rotten (see below). 


Have a great day and stay tuned for more updates.


-J.R. Lynn, GCS

8.19.17 – Course Update

Thank you all for the support and comments over the past few weeks. Times are getting busy for the maintenance department with the ramp up of Phase 2 of the restoration project.

As you have likely seen we have made our first roundup application on the fairway expansion areas and will be preparing the seedbed and seeding within the next week. 

We will have an additional roundup application that I hope we will be able to complete Monday after the Outing. If all goes as planned we will spray the fescue areas and begin preparing to seed new fine fescue to about 45acres of the course. The fescue areas will include the old natural areas between some of the holes as well as many new expanded areas and hillsides. The final outcome will tie the entire property back together and provide even better definition than the trees did before.

The fescue areas will be an ongoing project for the next two years before we see the final outcome we want. This is because of the amount of time it will take the newly seeded fine fescue to mature. I will cover the fescue areas in greater detail with an upcoming blog post. I am extremely excited about what the final outcome will provide.

This weekend we have The Nichols. 9am shotgun start for all who are participating. This will allow for additional golf in the afternoon, we look forward to seeing you out for the event or a fun round following.

As always, please feel free to comment, email, or call with any questions or concerns. I am always available to chat about anything happening on or off the course.

Thank you,

– J.R. Lynn, GCS 

8.10.17 – Rope, stakes, signs, flags & more!

Why are there so many markings near the fairways?! 

Last night we made our 1st roundup application to the fairway expansion areas for phase 2 of the restoration. We will wait a few days to see our success and touch up areas as needed prior to seeding. Some tire tracking may be evident in the next few days as well, this is because in order to spray the entire area we had to drive in our spray every so often. We tried to exit in areas that will also be renovated so that we didn’t have to re seed too many unplanned rough spots.

Please try to stay out of these areas over the next few days. More importantly, as we begin to grow in the new seed it is crucial that all traffic stays out of the germinating seed. We will continue to communicate as the processes progress but in the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to stop one of us and ask.

It is an odd feeling fighting the elements all year to keep the turf alive and happy only to turn around and intentionally kill 5 acres when the weather is perfect! 

Below are a few pictures of the process.

Have a great week!

– J.R. Lynn, GCS

8.4.17 – Renovation Paint

As we get closer to Labor Day and the start of phase 2, you will notice we will begin preparation well in advance of the project. This past Tuesday we spent the day with Kevin Hargrave discussing phase two 2 plans, work to be done prior to renovation, and expansions of fescue areas and fairways. 
You will notice a few different paint lines on the course; one line close to fairways on the back 9 and another line deeper into the rough. The lines close to fairways will be the new fairway contours and similar process to what you witnessed last fall during the project. The lines deeper in the rough and closer to the existing natural areas will become our new fescue areas.

**Please note, the paint color varies throughout the property. We do not have any additional hazards in place on the course. I apologize for the confusion with paint colors but assure you that these marks are only temporary.**

The fescue will be planted new between this fall and next, and grown in from seed. This process will give us the best chance for a thin stand that golf balls can be found and clubs can make contact. While sod would provide a completed look instantly, it will be far too thick and challenging to thin down in years to come.

Fine fescue takes about 2 full years to reach maturity. After 2 full growing seasons, fescue will begin producing seed heads and provide the contrast we are looking for. Fine fescue is slow growing and hardy, two great attributes for unmowed areas on the golf course. Unfortunately, the slow growing nature and amount of time needed to reach maturity means that for the 2 years following planting we will not see the product we hope for. 

The first question that came to my mind when learning about fescue was, “what is happening during those two years that is so important to plant development?”

  • Carbohydrates are being sent towards root development and developing strong cell walls. I could bore you with the importance, but will save a few hundred characters. 

Second question being, “what can I do to ensure success with a new fescue area?” 

  • The simplest answer to the second question is…. NOTHING! Fine leaf fescues do not withstand traffic well, especially as a juvenile seedling therefor as the grass is germinating and developing throughout the first two years we want to minimize the amount of traffic we add the the areas. Even after fine fescues are fully mature, they still do not like any sort of continued traffic or heavy wear.
  • We will not be able to apply herbicides to our new fescue until after the second full season of growth as the cell walls are not thick enough to withstand the herbicide application without damage
  • After year 2, we will introduce a preferred herbicide program that will help to reduce weed pressure and ensure a clean stand.

Please bear with us while we perfect our fescue areas. Impatience with the grow-in can put us back to a fresh starting point and extend the process over a much longer period.

I will be sure to clearly mark any and all areas as restoration efforts ramp up, but please be on the lookout for signs and rope to help direct you away from any new seed or sod.

Thank you!

– J.R. Lynn, GCS