Good Morning,

I want to take a few moments to update all on our plans to stay safe while working through these unprecedented times amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team has been reduced to the essential staff only, others have been furloughed and we hope they are able to return relatively soon. Times are challenging for all, but as always, we are determined to improve. Will, Rex, Kyle, Doug and I have adjusted our schedules to best accomplish social distancing and have embraced new sanitation routines to keep us safe.

We have split our shifts to make our teams as small and effective as possible while forcing distance. This will help to keep potential spread at a minimum. We have also included new sanitation routines which includes disinfecting of all common touch points multiple times a day, disinfecting of equipment before and after use, 1 rider per vehicle and other safety measures to be certain we keep our distance. While we are challenged with maintaining the course during these times, we are lucky that we can be outside, safe and distant with just a few additional measures in place.

All accessories will remain off course until COVID-19 concerns are clear. This includes bunker rakes, wooden flag sticks, tee markers, benches, trash cans, divot boxes, range accessories, etc…

Something has changed almost every day for over a week;  we are doing our best to keep up with guidelines and orders in place but ask that you please remain patient while we all evolve with the times.

To add a little extra fun, Mother Nature wanted to join in! Last week we received over 5″ of rain in less than 48hours on property. As you likely saw across the city, everything backed up. For the first time that I know of, water actually topped the levee on #3 and even backed up on to Broad St.  Check out a few pictures below –

River covering 5,6,11,12,13!
Looking toward 5 from 8 Tee
Water receding
Water beginning to crest the levee


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