Good Afternoon,

It has been an action filled winter thus far in the maintenance department with plenty of renovation wrap up and equipment maintenance to get us prepared for the upcoming season. We have been diligently working through each piece of equipment, tearing it down to its simplest form and rebuilding/replacing any parts needed to make it through another year.

Each piece of equipment is very important to our daily prep of the course and it is extremely important that we do not break down mid season. While weather may keep us off the course at times in the winter, Doug keeps us all busy in the shop helping with equipment maintenance.

There’s a positive energy floating around the shop as we are all anticipating the arrival of some new pieces of equipment. This year we will start the second of a three part lease package that will ultimately replace our entire fleet. Everyone is excited and ready to learn the new technologies being offered in up to date equipment. Much of the fleet was from the early 2000’s (or older) and had become unreliable and expensive to maintain. As some of the new pieces come in we will showcase them through this blog and on the course! Stay tuned.

We have also been out on the course wrapping up some of the details with renovation. Tree work has still been one of the larger items with a few additional take downs and plenty of pruning. We are working through the course to raise the canopies to allow for more unobstructed shots, better views, and increased turf health.

Speaking of turf health, all seems to be doing well through the winter. We have had some ice events which can cause trouble on close cut turf but nothing seems to be damaged thus far. We were able to get our winter fungicide applications out prior to harsh conditions and all surfaces look clean!

All great news here, should see contractors return in early March to finish the last of the renovation punch list.

Thanks for following!

– J.R. Lynn, GCS

(Below are a couple pictures from 6 green, one that had some disease and trouble upon my arrival 11 months ago. All looks clean and ready for a great 2018!)

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