We have completed the greens aerification process on the championship course as well as the par 3 and the forecast looks like weather will allow us to start on fairways and tees next week. The local toro dealer was very helpful in lending a specialty aerifier to help complete the process.

Greens will be slow and soft while they recover but we are trying to help speed the recovery process as much as possible. We have applied a small amount of fertilizer to help them heal and should be able to start mowing them again early next week. Even though there are aerification holes, please continue to repair your ballmarks as they will likely be more pronounced than usual.

TDI has completed rough shaping of #14 and is working on installing drainage in the bunkers. Juan has already moved the dozer to #10 and will begin rough shaping the green complex this morning. They should make pretty quick progress down #10, which will be one of the most improved holes on the course in my opinion. The new vista that has been created with the tree removal project is astonishing.

I just realized I failed to post some pretty cool drone shots that were taken a couple weeks back. A very special thank you to Oscar Giller who took some time out of his busy afternoon to stop by and get a few shots. He has agreed to stop back out to help document the project.

Enjoy the weekend!

– J.R. Lynn, GCS

3 thoughts on “10.14.17”

    1. Thanks for the question and following along.

      The elevated tee on #13 has been removed. Kevin worries about the tee ball at 14 coming in contact with anyone on 13 elevated tee and would also like to see the hole played on the original line it was designed.

      The improved tee at the base of the hill and work around the green creates a wonderful golf hole.


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