Aerification is here! We are almost complete with the main processes on greens. We have punched the front 9, removed all plugs, spread sand, brushed in, spread gypsum and will eventually add a little fertilizer to aid in recovery. This along with the restoration project has been a very busy time and I apologize for not getting a blog out sooner. I will have some pictures to go along with this post that show our aerification process as well as the back nine restoration.

Recovery on greens should be fairly quick as we have been diligently filling all holes with sand. By topping off all aerification holes we will create a smoother surface from the start with less potential of traffic creating uneven and bumpy surfaces. This is very crucial to the success of the process and I appreciate your patience as we have battled the wet conditions to complete the process. In an ideal scenario, everything would be perfectly dry and the turn around time would be less than a day for 9 holes. We will make it through the majority this afternoon and should be able to allow play first thing tomorrow.

The back nine is also moving along quite well with contractors moving away from 11 and 12. They are now putting the finishing touches on 13 and starting to head up 14. I think that over the next two weeks we will see huge progress as we move out of the bottom corner. Rain has slowed the project down a little but the contractors were able to smooth out the sand in bunkers and finish sod in some areas. This has been the best group of contractors I have ever worked with, the entire group has come together and working towards the same goal!

Below is the start of the work on 14 green

The last update is in regards the the seeding completed in house and with the help of Matt Grimm. We have completed about 60% of the flat fescue areas and already seeing germination. We have also had great success with the primary rough…. below are a few pictures from the rough and fescue seeding.

Thank you for all of your support!

– J.R. Lynn, GCS

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