Good Afternoon,

Thought this would be a good time to explain a little bit about what’s been happening over the past few days. Obviously rain, and a lot of it. Over the past 3 evenings we have received a total of 3.95″. Luckily the July average is 4.2″ so there must not be much left 😉…

Tuesday night started us off with a bang, 1.7″ of rain in 30 minutes. As Tim Boyer put it, the waves on the putting green were big enough to surf. We had some repairs to make in the morning but for the most part, we wondered where the water went. It came down so fast that it all ran off, filled the lows, and made it to the drains.

Then Wednesday afternoon we watched the storms roll past the course, thinking we finally caught the break. Eventually one built, and when it hit it came in with some force. This storm only brought an additional .6″ of rain but it didn’t run off as quickly. It finally capped the course and forced us to shut down carts.

Thursday morning we were hopeful that the conditions would allow for carts by early afternoon but the humidity and overall saturation did not allow. By mid afternoon I began to think, we may have a shot to get carts out Friday morning… no more rain. Thursday afternoon as I wrapped up some office work and got ready to head back out on the course, my phone went off. Who was it, only my weather app alerting me that yet another storm was on the way. This one hurt. The first cell that landed on property dropped another .75″ only to be followed by a more powerful .9″ storm. The additional 1.65″ of rain last night set us back again. This time even further than the last two.

The heavy rains and severe storms are so localized that you may not even see the rain at your house… even in bexley. Below are a few interesting screenshots I have taken of the radar over the past few days.Not many places seeing the rain other than CCC in this photo from a few nights ago. Even my house in the gps target sat dry and made me wonder…

The two pictures above are from last night. They show that at 5:40, nothing on the radar indicating an issue at the course. Yet, by 5:56 we are in the heart of a red cell and probably a half inch of rain already dropped.

This morning it showed. Bunkers took a hit on the chin. The faces we have been working to flash and pack in, all needed touch up work. Some bunkers still sat full of water due to full drains surrounding the course. Pumps have been running to clear water from 6&17 since 6 am and we are finally getting back to normal. The bunker on the front left of #1 green has been completely re-worked 3 times this week. Below are a few pictures.

The biggest let down of the day was the inability to mow greens first thing this morning. It is a very difficult decision, and one that I hate making. But days like today patience is our best friend. By waiting a few hours to mow greens and let them dry down, we save ourself the potential to scalp and/or mechanically stress the turf. In turn this gives us the ability to provide a more consistent and perfect playing surface throughout a larger portion of the season. We are out now getting greens mowed to help save speed and keep a better surface through the weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience!I hope you are able to enjoy the nice weather this weekend with a round of golf at CCC.

See you soon!

– J.R. Lynn, GCS

2 thoughts on “7.6.18”

  1. I have no complaints. You guys are doing a great job, although frustrating I’m sure. We look forward to this weekend and dry weather.


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