Happy Independence Day. Hopefully you have been able to avoid the rains and stay dry for all of your 4th parties!

Last night we received 1.7″ of rain. A substantial amount that would typically shut down carts for at least the day. Fortunately we did not have to cancel carts today, why? Mainly because the weather over the past 48 hours has been pretty good drying weather for the course. The mid 90’s temps along with some wind and dropping humidity gave us the ability to begin to dry down the property. Last night it started to show, FINALLY! Right when we thought we dodged all the storms, it let loose.

Another sheeting rain storm has prevented us from finishing the tasks we would like to complete and put all efforts on course repair and storm cleanup. Heavy rains set us back, EVERY TIME. Today we had plans to flymow bunker banks, mow rough, mow greens, mow tees, and complete a few odd jobs before kicking out early for the holiday. Now the plans have changed, we will be able to mow greens and cut cups but all other efforts will be placed on storm repair and cleanup.

Due to the quick rainfall we had one major washout on the front left bunker at #1 green. The team quickly repaired that this morning and continued on through the front nine. We will rake bunkers fully for play today, then flymow and rake again tomorrow. We also have to place a large effort on cartpath cleanup following major storms. With the chip seal application on our surfaces and the small amount of extra chip on top, the sheeting water moves some of the gravel and our team is out making paths passable and smooth for the day. As the paths age, this excess will not be an issue but for the first year we will continue the battle. We also lost a large portion of a cottonwood on #1 Tee at the Par 3 course, a cleanup that will add a few hours to the day.

Ill touch back on here soon with an update, see you on the course!


– J.R. Lynn, GCS

Below is a picture of #1 left greenside bunker at first sight this morning.and also a picture of the fallen cottonwood limb at the par 3, almost an entire tree!

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