Another wet Monday!

Last night we received an additional .3″ of rain making it slimy and messy around the project. The contractors are still pushing forward and even starting to House some sod in our shop to keep it thawed and ready to lay. When weather throws a wrench in the plan, all we can do is work with what we have. Everyone is doing well making the push forward and trying everything we can to finish on time.

TDI has made their way on to 17 and should be hitting the home stretch up 18 by the end of the week. There is still a large punch list of items to be complete prior to their departure but it should all happen pretty quick. Unfortunately, it looks like the paving will have to be complete in the spring and hopefully we can tie that together with putting chip seal on all paths to finish the paving.

Below are a few pictures of the project in action. Please feel free to reach out to a staff member for a more in depth look and tour.


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