Chilly start to the week and potential wintry mix later could slow progress down just a bit but the guys from TDI have accomplished a ton over the last few days.

Today Kevin is back on site to give his guidance and input as we march down 15 and 16. The majority of the TDI crew is trying to catch up with laying sod while Jairo and Juan put the shape to everything. Last weekend they were able to finish a lot of the sod on 13, 14 & 10 and should have those three holes buttoned up by the end of the day tomorrow.

There has been a lot of green lifted on 16 in order to gain some depth to the drainage and get water moving away from the hole quicker. As they complete the grading they will replace the sod and start the work at the bunkers.

4K landscape has also been on site over he last 3 weeks working on the hill sides. You will notice them working around 5 tee and right of 5 fairway this week. Check out their hydro seeding and mulching process on 1, it looks pretty incredible.

Aerification has healed in very well. Greens are about 90% and will be slow to progress from here. We have returned back to normal mowing heights and will continue to roll to smooth the surfaces. In a few short weeks we will apply a protective spray and top dress greens to “put them to bed” for the remainder of the year.

One thought on “10.30.17”

  1. Rode around the course yesterday and love just about all of the work. We live on 17, half way between tee and green. There is a large, unsightly piece of a tree under an existing tree that’s been there for many weeks. Can we get rid of it? Thanks. Steve DeVoe


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