Good evening,

Thank you for all of your support with the project and mess that has been created over the past 3 weeks. Everything is moving perfect and right on track.

#11 is nearly complete with only a few small items left to address. You may have noticed that the bunker sand has been added to bunkers but only in piles for now, as time allows the guys from TDI will get back in to distribute sand and compact it in. The more compaction on the sand the better so hopefully we have a day soon where we can begin spreading the sand.

#12 is nearing completion as well as #13. Kevin was in yesterday and today to give guidance and approval on work that has been completed. It has been a treat working with Kevin Hargrave, TDI, Mike Kuhn, and Leibold alike. The team that has been assembled for the back nine is one of the best around and the work shows it!

I will update with pictures as sod finishes to tie it all together. If you have not been out to see it, please feel free to reach out and we will help get you up close to the action.

On a final note, the hillside clearing on 5/10 is about a third of the way done. Who would have ever imagined the view we have now when walking the 10th fairway! As you play the renovation routing, stop on 8 tee and take a peak!

Stay tuned for pictures!


– J.R. Lynn, GCS

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