Some beautiful weather has allowed the contractors to make great progress today on phase two. While we are still mainly focused on putting the finishing touches on #11 it has taken off very well. Today TDI is installing drainage and cutting in the edges of he new bunkers. By the end of the day they should have drainage installed on the greenside and left fairway bunker with hopes of installing drainage on the right fairway bunkers tomorrow.

Leibold irrigation is right on the heels of TDI with re-installing irrigation. While this project does not upgrade or improve the irrigation system it is nice to have some of the best on site putting it all back together. 

All sod that has been moved around looks to be very healthy and has already started to root in anywhere it has been laid, this will allow us to begin working on the conditioning of the turf in no time. The new fairway expansion areas are also growing in very well, we will likely put the second cut on them early next week.

Below, I have included a few pictures of the work today and yesterday. Enjoy!

– J.R. Lynn, GCS

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