9.7.17 – Project Update

TDI has had a few good days to begin painting the picture on #11. Juan has put a rough shape to the new left side fairway bunker and is starting on the two new bunkers on the right. He and the crew will continue working on these fairway bunkers for the day and will be installing drainage soon. We have found working drains in the area and should have no problem draining the bunkers. 

Jairo and his crew have started stripping sod around 11 green and approach. They will begin building up the left side of the approach to support a new greenside bunker as well as block the river from entering through the low. The support for the bunker will act as a secondary levy to keep water back and new drainage in the area will help water to clear quicker after a storm.

The irrigation crews have started cutting and capping all of the disturbance areas to help keep the shapers moving. They will continue to remove irrigation from these areas this week and will be working directly behind TDI next week on repairing the lines and irrigating the new features. 

We have seen some very interesting things already and just a few days in! When stripping some sod from the cleanup pass around 11 green we found more evidence of our poor water quality. A large area on the right side has a very muddy layer on the top of the sand. Most of the time when you see a black layer in a soil profile it means that it is anaerobic, in this scenario that does not seem to be the issue. The areas where our layer has been noticed are all in areas that need additional water through the dry times. As we get away from our normal dry spots, the distinct layer diminishes.

We have also been able to repair some of the drains on 11 fairway. We have found that many of the drain risers are simply just a 4″ pipe sitting on top of the old clay tile. The riser pipes are not connected to the existing drain line which explains why the surface drains fill up completely with water and are slow to clear. We have started to dig the old drains up and making a true connection. We hope to clear any and all non working surface drains that we can find.

Check out the pictures below to see some of the progress.

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