8.31.17 – GERMINATION!!

Grass is finally growing on the new fairway expansions and shifts on the back nine. Below you will see some pictures of the process and our new seedlings as they have emerged over the last 48hrs. We should see a good green cover by the end of the weekend and hope that he weather continues to help make the process as easy as possible.

The seeding process was completed on Sunday. Our method was to first aerify the areas to encourage better gas exchange, less compaction, and to incorporate a little soil to the top to help create a seedbed. We then followed in with the Triwave 60 slit seeder in two directions to help with filling in quickly without over applying (wasting) seed. After the slit seeding process we followed in with a drag mat to help smooth out any low spots and stir in any excess seed. After we finished dragging each of the areas a separate crew would follow in to add soil to any major low spots or chunked up areas. The final step was to roll the entire surface to help smash any seed down and have better seed to soil contact. Now that he grass has started to grow, we will fertilize to ensure it has enough food to survive its first couple weeks of life.

My sincerest apologies for the disturbance in play and mess this process has left behind. Unfortunately Mother Nature knows no limits, weekends and weekdays are all the same. That being said, our job is entirely dependent on the weather and sometimes the best time to get the process complete falls during odd times. Last weekend was a great example of working with the great conditions to ensure success of the seeding process. We had to work around play at times to finish but were able to get it done. Sorry for the dust and noise but you will appreciate it when there’s great turf to play from next year.

Everything is on track and moving really well. We are excited with the progress and only a few short days away from the start of the dirt work. Please continue to be alert for any postings or closings as the projects gets underway.

As the excitement builds, I ask that you please refrain from touring the back nine. It will be nearly impossible to mark every single area that gets touched during the project but cart traffic during the wrong times can set us back drastically. Please work with us to ensure the best outcome possible. We will continue to update with pictures, emails, blogs, etc. I will also be glad to arrange a time to meet and tour the work while being guided by a staff member who knows where to steer clear.

Thank you,

– J.R. Lynn, GCS

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