8.24.17 – Seeding and Tree Removal

As the project gets closer we get busier and busier preparing for phase 2 while keeping the course playing it’s best. While times get busier with the project we will be able to back off the back 9 maintenance and focus a more consolidated effort to the front nine for daily play. 

Today we started seeding our new fairway expansion areas on the back 9, as we complete an area we will be marking it and leaving ball retrievers to help with reaching the shots that made it in too far. Please do not drive or walk in these areas as it can damage the seedlings when they begin to grow. Below you will find some pictures of the process. It is extremely dusty so please excuse us while we complete the process

One other major item this week was the removal of four large trees. 3 trees were removed on the right side of 12 fairway and 1 tree on the left of 10 fairway. All of these trees were removed as part of the project and needed to happen prior to TDIs arrival. Today Russel Tree Experts were in finishing the stumpgrinding. One concern was removed with the removal of the large cottonwood on 12, the inside was rotten (see below). 

Have a great day and stay tuned for more updates.


-J.R. Lynn, GCS

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