8.19.17 – Course Update

Thank you all for the support and comments over the past few weeks. Times are getting busy for the maintenance department with the ramp up of Phase 2 of the restoration project.

As you have likely seen we have made our first roundup application on the fairway expansion areas and will be preparing the seedbed and seeding within the next week. 

We will have an additional roundup application that I hope we will be able to complete Monday after the Outing. If all goes as planned we will spray the fescue areas and begin preparing to seed new fine fescue to about 45acres of the course. The fescue areas will include the old natural areas between some of the holes as well as many new expanded areas and hillsides. The final outcome will tie the entire property back together and provide even better definition than the trees did before.

The fescue areas will be an ongoing project for the next two years before we see the final outcome we want. This is because of the amount of time it will take the newly seeded fine fescue to mature. I will cover the fescue areas in greater detail with an upcoming blog post. I am extremely excited about what the final outcome will provide.

This weekend we have The Nichols. 9am shotgun start for all who are participating. This will allow for additional golf in the afternoon, we look forward to seeing you out for the event or a fun round following.

As always, please feel free to comment, email, or call with any questions or concerns. I am always available to chat about anything happening on or off the course.

Thank you,

– J.R. Lynn, GCS 

2 thoughts on “8.19.17 – Course Update”

    1. They will not be removing dead trees this week but will be back shortly after the start of the project to continue tree work. Main work will be completed on 5/10 hillside but dead trees and limbs will also be removed around the course.


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