7.28.17 – Native Mowing & Employee Highlight

Some dry air finally followed a rain event and we are looking good for the Club Championship weekend! Today we hosted the Pelotonia event on the par 3 course and tomorrow kicks off the two day club championship for all. Last night we received another .45″ of rain putting our July total at 9.8″! 

As we get closer to the start of August we are gearing up for the amstart of Phase 2 with the course restoration project. As a first step to the project we have began cutting down our existing natural areas. Not only because they were getting too tall and out of control but also to help with our weed control and grass transformation that will begin with the project. 
Our plan with current native areas will be a multi-facet approach. We will first cut all native down then begin to evaluate any areas with a fine fescue stand. In areas that are predominately fine fescue we will focus on killing the weeds and thinning out the current stand of turf. Other areas that have no good grass within will be sprayed out with roundup and seeded as a new stand of fine fescue. 

Rick Grundy, full time Greenkeeper II, has been the man behind the madness within the native areas. Rick has been with CCC for 8 years and is one of the few who stays on staff year round. Rick is one of our main operators of specialized equipment and always willing to put the extra effort in to make things right. While riding a tractor through the weeds may seem like an easy mindless task, I can assure you it takes a special person to accomplish what he has this week. While carefully navigating around the stumps and large debris left behind from tree removals, Rick must also be on the constant lookout for any bees, ticks, or chiggers (and a whole slew of other pests). As you see Rick around the course, please thank him for his continued service and hard work to make CCC a special place.


– J.R. Lynn, GCS

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