7.24.17 – Dry days are coming

Last weekend we received another 2.5″ of rain. It has been an extremely wet July but thankfully not up to the record yet. To date we have received 9.35″.  The top 3 wettest Julys on record in Columbus are as follows:

  1. 1992 – 12.36″ 
  2. 1896 – 9.47″ 
  3. 1958 – 9.46″

Breaking a record is a pretty cool feat, but hopefully we leave these ones alone. The forecast looks like the night time temperatures will finally drop below 70° and the days will be less humid. Hopefully this holds true as this last weekend provided the highest disease pressure imaginable.

Saturday’s wet weather forced us into a early fairway fungicide application, which we started that evening and finally finished this morning. We typically spray every 14 days with products and rates that should last 14-21 days. The high disease pressure forced us to start this application 10 days after our last application and yet we were still behind. We scout the course for disease every morning and make spot applications to any areas that may breakthrough early, this time the development was so rapid we had to break out the broadcast sprayers.

Due to problems with the persistent rain some fairways received applications at different times. 6 holes were sprays Saturday night, 6 holes sprayed Sunday morning, and 6 holes sprayed this morning. You may notice by the look of the course that some areas have progressed further than others but all have been treated and are in control. 

We should recover quickly from this and will continue to nurture the turf back to health. Most issues will be noticed on tees and fairways but should grow out over the next week or two.

See you on the course this week,

– J.R. Lynn, GCS

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