7.14.17 – Moving Water

Yesterday we received 3.15″ of rain. The course was pretty flooded until about noon today. Drains are working properly and moving water as quickly as they can but the amount of surface water is far too great for our normal 20-30 minutes after a rain and puddles are gone.

Last night we closed the drainage system on holes 1,2&3 to help keep the river from backing into the drains. It worked but the 3″ shed of water from all directions was too much for pumps to maintain. The holes are backed up with water and we are still working on getting all water away. This morning we opened the drainage gate back up and are able to naturally let the water drain as the river has receded. We have a lot of debris and sediment built up on the down side of the drainage system which needs to be cleared in order to help water evacuate more quickly. As the day has progressed we have had to play with the pumps and gate valve in order to find the best working partnership to get water out asap!

I know most all of our members have seen the course under much more water but as the first flood in my time I hope the stories remain just that, stories. Let’s hope we can get out of this tropical pattern and bring some dry air around to assist in our efforts on the golf course.

I am hopeful to get carts back out on the course this weekend! Please call to check on availability. Back nine bunkers will remain water filled until we catch up on back 9 drainage. We do not want to add any more water to the course or into the drain pipes to allow more space for water to flow from turf areas. We initially put our efforts into pumping and bailing water from the bunkers but quickly realized there was nowhere for it to go.

I have attached some pictures for your viewing pleasure. If you have any you would like to share please email to jlynn@columbuscc.com

Thank you for your patience as we put the golf course back together.


– JR Lynn, GCS

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