Again, Happy Independence Day! Hopefully you have been able to spend some quality time with friends and family over this nice long holiday weekend. The course is handling the heat and humidity very well this weekend and we have stayed pretty clean from disease. For those who are playing the Par 3 course; you may notice some small rings/patches on the greens, they have been infected with Brown Patch but have been treated and should not get any worse. With heavy clay soils, humid conditions, and hot weather Brown Patch can be very quick to take over and if not treated in time could be detrimental.

The discovery this morning was not entirely full of bad news. During our team meeting this morning I asked our staff to keep their eyes open for anything that looked different. I asked that everyone be on the lookout for fluffy fungal growth or odd shapes/patterns on turf and was surprised by the pictures I received from our team. Below you will see a picture of disease that was found today on the Par 3 course by first year employee Kyle Hughes. 

An update on 8 Fairway- it looks to be just damage to the leaf blades and should grow out in short time. The grass has a very brown burnt appearance currently but when digging down below the damage the plant seems to be healthy and hardy.

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